About Us

From day one, our mission has been to put the resident first. Every day we work hard to improve our communities, team members, and processes.
We aspire you'll feel welcomed, respected, and appreciated through all your interactions with us.

Saar Management plans and executes renovation and improvement plans necessary to maintain the property, increase its desirability and demand and provide our tenants better quality of life.

We believe improving the quality of life to our tenants aligns with the best interest of the owners. We are putting our efforts to achieve a higher quality of life, by increasing the tenant's satisfaction and creating strong connections with our community.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for our customers, team members, and community through providing high-quality property services.


Our Team

    Aviv Elbaz
  Tammy Plante - People Operations Manager
  Idan Rivkin
Chief Operating Officer
Tammy Plante
People Operations Manager
Ben Ezra
Property Manager
South Florida
  Pilar Nieto Gonzalez - Property Manager  -Bella Lago Vista Jessica Villafranca - Administrative Assistant
  Pilar Nieto Gonzalez
Property Manager
Bella Lago Vista
Jessica Lin Clows
Assistant Manager
Jacksonville FL
Jessica Villafranca
Administrative Assistant
  Samuel Dempesy - Bookkeeper
  Olga Riabkova
Financial Controller
Samuel Dempsey
Yisel Gonzalez
Leasing Agent
Jacksonville FL
    Ralph Goldblat
Logistic Assistant